Because the birds are raised according to the norms of Animal Welfare following rigorous controls of ambience and sanity of the stock.
The follow-up of the productive chain begins in the farms of rearing, following in the farms of production of fertile eggs. These eggs are sent to the hatchery for embryo development and chicks' birth, within strict humidity, temperature, ventilation and hygiene standards.
In this way the chicks are transported in thermal trucks and housed with producers from the Serra Capixaba region, integrated into the UNIAVES Partnership System, to which they are remunerated for this important stage of the process.
It is important to point out that due to the characteristics of this region regarding the climate, water quality and due to the care given by these producers and our technical team of veterinarians, we will have a healthy product and with total guarantee of origin.
As an important part of this work, the feed is 100% produced by UNIAVES itself based on corn and soybean meal and enriched with vitamins and minerals.
At 45 days, the birds will be ready for slaughter that will be carried out in the modern UNIAVES slaughterhouse located in Castelo.
From the aviary to the delivery of the chicken to the point of sale, the company has total control of the stages and can trace all products, always under the supervision of the Federal Inspection Service (SIF).
This slaughterhouse is listed among the most modern in Brazil and has a slaughtering capacity of 160,000 birds/day.
Upon arrival at the slaughterhouse, the poultry loads are accompanied by the Batch Tracking Form (BTF), equivalent to the Bird Identity Card, and are monitored by the SIF veterinarians, ensuring sanity and control of breeding information.
Animal Welfare Rules are applied and monitored by our own dedicated staff at short intervals ensuring the tranquility of the animals for subsequent slaughter under humanitarian conditions.
The slaughter process is fully automated and seeks to meet the requirements of consumers for practicality and quality. The machines rely on the manual support of highly trained professionals so that the birds are divided into strict hygiene standards and controls, guaranteeing the high degree of food safety of our products.
The products are intended immediately for a large freezing tunnel, ensuring its freshness. Daily, they are loaded on refrigerated trucks, previously sanitized and audited by our Quality Control Team and SIF.
The packages are prepared automatically and labeled ensuring the traceability of the product.
We guarantee our production with 100% traceability and within the most demanding food safety standards.